The all new MC-12 Inserting & Mailing System

The MC12 is an all-in-one inserter capable to run #10, 6" x 9" and 9" x 12" envelopes, with option to add from 2 up to 10 insert stations, Turn over, lay down, read module, postage meter, ink jet printer and diverter. Load the flyer... or watch the video

Achieve higher profitability while lowering operating costs. Configurations adapted to your needs. Now available! Don't wait - call now: Jeff Brewer phone 1-860-510-9381

For years, CSG AUTOMATION has been specialized in the production, delivery, implementation, integration and maintenance of document processing systems.


CSG Automation is now an authorized dealer and service partner for BACCIOTTINI PITSTOP Creasing and Perforating Machines!

BACCIOTTINI Group developed specific competence in post print finishing sector and is one of the leading companies in projecting, engineering and manufacturing completely automated machines to facilitate creasing, perforating, folding and cutting functions.

With the creasing technology of the PITSTOP models, the material is gently compressed because stretching of the paper fibres is avoided. This principle effectively prevents a flaking of the toner or tearing of the paper, thus ensuring optimal finishing after the print.

CSG Automation focuses on part sales, service, and technical support of  all PITSTOP models manufactured by BACCIOTTINI  - including system integrations with modules like "MULTI FLEXIBLE INLINE SYSTEM" manufactured by MB BAUERLE.

CSG sells new and refurbished PITSTOP models and systems.
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FOR SALE • Hunkeler Unwinding Module UW6

• Unwinding support-frame with electro-mechanical rollinsertion - Touch screen operator interface.
• Adjustable photocell for detecting minimum roll diameter.
• Fully automatic dancer lift - Loop control.
• Maximum roll diameter: 54” - Web width: 6.5” – 20.5”.

By pressing a switch the roll with the mandrel inserted is brought into the working position by the motor-driven mechanism. After the paper-web has been pulled in manually, initialization of the module takes place automatically. The roll is driven at the center. The unwinding speed follows the requirements of the printer, under electronic control. The paper rolls can be unwound in either direction of rotation.   Call Now Jeff Brewer, 860-510-9381  

MB multimaster 38 (CAS)

Proven conventional folding technology – an effective means to save time and money.

Commercial success is the result of smooth processes – this applies in particular to print processing. The folding machine multimaster 38 stands for this principle, since it is a professional system that meets your needs – and not the other way round.

Its modular design and the comprehensive range of attachments turn each multimaster 38 into a custom-made folding machine. The machine concept comprises two different basic versions.

The roller diameter of 40 mm makes the multimaster 38-40 the ideal all-round machine for all common folding jobs. The multimaster 38-30 with its roller diameter of 30 mm is especially suitable for handling small folds.  for solutions call Jeff Brewer, 860-510-9381 


Get the best results from CSG Automation with manufacturers’ original parts and repair service

With original manufacturers’ spare parts and manufacturer authorized repair service from CSG, your systems are optimized for consistent performance and reliability.

SG offers a wide range of fully integrated solutions comprising many high-quality components and modules. Over time they may need to be replaced or repaired. To ensure optimum performance and durability we perform feasibility and usability assessments to ensure the applicability of your systems to the jobs at hand. We do this at no additional cost and provide precise rapid assistance and support with consumables, spare parts and repair needs.

Specialized repair & refurbishment

CSG provides a comprehensive suite of strategically designed support solutions to ensure continued profitability from the competitiveness of your systems’ performance. Specialized repair, refurbishment and service strategies help to significantly extend your systems’ life.

If requested, CSG Automation will upgrade your systems to meet specific current needs and the latest industry standards.

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We understand your business needs are unique, so our solutions are designed to be as flexible and agile as possible to help your business gain a competitive edge. Team up with CSG today and discover how your production can benefit from one or more of our capabilities:

System re-configuration and/or upgrade for enhanced performance of current applications and performance of new ones; and, thorough periodic maintenance or refurbishment for optimum system performance.


CSG can deliver an array of engineering solutions – from machine upgrades to system overhauls – all customized to your production needs and requirements. We have a proven track record in helping clients modify their processes so that they can meet their changing product requirements and formats.

And, we can help increase capacities and utilization, reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, as well as meet new environmental and emission standards.


Our engineers and technicians live and breathe the art of engineering and look forward to getting their teeth into new challenges.

Please contact us if you need assistance in re-developing your existing products and formats or would like to improve product integrity and achieve material savings in your operations.

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